Dance Mom Competition Survival Kit

Competition season will be here before you know it. It is always a busy and exciting time of year whether you’re a first time dance mom or a seasoned professional. Having a survival checklist to help with the packing is always helpful and this time in the season is the perfect time to prepare.

Here are some essential tips to get you started.

1. Makeup Case
Invest in a good quality make-up case that will help your dancer stay
organized. Be sure to pack your required team basic make-up needs,
rhinestone earrings, hairnets, brush and comb, water bottle, hairspray, fake
eyelashes, bobby pins, and an endless supply of ponytail holders. Don’t forget
the body glue, double sided tape and make up wipes.

2. Sewing Kit
Your emergency sewing kit should include thread in the basic colors; black,
white, nude and invisible thread. Be sure to include needles of various sizes,
small scissors and safety pins.

3. Garment Bags
Clear garment bags with several pockets will help protect your costumes and
keep accessories, tights and shoes organized.

4. Extra Tights and Nude Undergarments
Packing extra pairs of tights in the colors you need, will prevent the
nightmare of a giant hole before your dancer hits the stage or the realization
your freshly washed pair of tights are still in the laundry. You may even help
a fellow dancer, who forgot their tights or ripped a hole in their pair. Also be
sure to pack a set of nude undergarments for light colored costumes.

5. Dance Basics In Black
Don’t forget your favorite Kandi Kouture dance basics in black; bra tops,
briefs, shorts, leggings and leotards. You never know when you may need a
last minute solo costume, or an extra pair of shorts or bra top for underneath
your costume.

6. Personal Items, snacks, and portable chargers
Pack a small bag with healthy snacks, gum and even some candy.
Competition days are long and having a few snacks in your bag will keep you
going, especially if the venue doesn’t have any food options. A pen & small
flashlight for awards will help you keep track in the program. Don’t forget
portable charges, adapters and extra cords.

Most importantly relax and have fun! Ask other dance moms if you forget something you need and be ready to come to the rescue of those who need help.

What are your essential packing items?

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